Pure WPI

Typical Amino Acid Profile

Bioplex Pure Whey Protein Isolate represents the next generation of whey protein classified as a functional superfood.
Bioplex Pure WPI is the purest, cleanest source of whey produced at cold temperatures using state of the art micro-filtration technology that retains non-denatured protein. Bioplex Pure WPI is sourced from grass-fed cows and does not contain any rBST or rBGH.  Pure WPI is also soy free.

† The tryptophan in this product is all naturally occurring.

Many User Applications—

Optimal Health

Immune Support, Stress Reduction, Improved Lean Muscle, and Tissue Repair*

Sports Performance

Muscle Growth, Repair, & Recovery, and Protein Synthesis*


Post-Surgical Recovery, Clinical Obesity, Bariatric Patients, and Reduced Muscle Wasting in the Elderly*


Bioplex Whey Protein Nutrition