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Bioplex Enhanced Whey Protein
Typical Amino Acid Profile

Bioplex Enhanced Whey Protein represents the next generation of whey protein classified as functional superfoods. Whey is more complex than simply protein, it contains many health-promoting sub-fractions. Bioplex Enhanced Whey Protein is a proprietary blend of whey protein concentrate & whey protein isolate that contains amplified levels of key vital sub-fractions.
By optimizing these critical sub-fractions Bioplex has engineered a functional, whey superfood that is the ideal choice for many user applications.

† The tryptophan in this product is all naturally occurring.

Many User Applications—

Optimal Health

Immune Support, Stress Reduction, Improved Lean Muscle, and Tissue Repair*

Sports Performance

Muscle Growth, Repair, & Recovery, and Protein Synthesis*


Post-Surgical Recovery, Clinical Obesity, Bariatric Patients, and Reduced Muscle Wasting in the Elderly*


Bioplex Whey Protein Nutrition